How to take your wedding to the next level

How to take your wedding to the next level

A wedding is a beautiful expression of love, but here’s how to take it to the next level of impressiveness

There are many important outcomes of a wedding. Sacramentally binding your love? That’s important. Publicly pledging your love to one another? That’s important as well. Having a fancy wedding that impresses everybody? Well, for many people, that’s important too!

To help you organise a truly exciting wedding and reception, we’ve put together some top tips for taking your wedding to the next level.

Get a live band with a wedding singer

The Wedding Singer is remembered as one of Adam Sandler’s best ever movies. Why? It might be because of the jokes, and the hilarious 90s nostalgia, but, perhaps, one of the reasons the film is so beloved is because it features a band that plays at wedding receptions.

A wedding band, complete with a wedding singer, is one of the best and fanciest ways to take your wedding to the next level. Forget DJs, or plugging an iPhone into an AUX cable; if you’re looking for the most memorable wedding possible, get yourself a band.

Reconsider releasing the doves

Doves are an internationally recognised sign of peace, love, and fanciness. At particularly la-di-da weddings, people have been known to gather together for ‘the releasing of the doves’. 

However, in recent years, people have started to reconsider the ethical dimensions of dove releases. Many so-called ‘doves’ that people release are actually just domesticated white pigeons. When these birds are released into the wild, they can have a difficult time and are hunted as prey by bigger, wild birds.

While a dove release might seem like a fancy way of taking your wedding to the next level, it might backfire. 

Make the day Instagramable

Nowadays, everybody wants their wedding reception to be worthy of Instagram. There are so many different ways you can give your wedding visual pop. Here are some ideas:

  • an ice sculpture
  • a fifteen tiered wedding cake
  • Fireworks

Get beautiful, candid wedding photography

People used to tolerate staged photography. Indeed, back when photography was invented, exposure times were so long that you didn’t really have a choice. Everybody had to stand perfectly still for minutes at a time, or else the photographs would be blurry.

Today, however, staged, forced wedding photography is such a drag. It’s not fun to pose for photo after photo, and the end result isn’t all that exciting to look at. A much better option is candid wedding photography, with documentary style camera people roaming around the wedding, capturing glorious little moments.

Not only does candid wedding photography look better, your guests will be thrilled by not having to stand around and wait for the pictures to be taken. It’s win-win!

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