Wedding Ceremony Venues

Choosing a wedding venue for your once in a lifetime wedding day can be a very nerve racking decision for you both as you will need to factor in not only your wishes but the needs of your wedding guests as well.

The wedding venue for your actual wedding ceremony does not have to be in the same location as the wedding party. You could have your exchange of nuptials on the beachfront and then you can hold your wedding party in a restaurant or hotel function room in privacy.

You could also be married in an absolute beachfront chapel at Palm Cove and then return to Cairns and have your wedding dinner in your hotel or a favorite restaurant you may have discovered together.

Wedding Ceremony Venues Ideas

Beach Weddings

A casual beachfront wedding ceremony is very popular in north Queensland due to the tropical climate.

Beachfront weddings do require special permits so please ensure you consult with your wedding planner first and have all of the approvals in place to ensure your day runs smoothly.

The set up for beach weddings can be arranged with a little bit of formality or a no shoes policy casual wedding setting. Chairs can be set up with formal covers and a ribbon to dress it up in your favorite colors and a registry table and chair set aside for the signing formalities.

Wedding Chapels

A beach or waterfront wedding chapel is the dream venue for most brides to be and here in Cairns and north Queensland we have some of the most beautiful wedding chapels in Australia that are managed and run by some of the best wedding planners in the business.

Some of these wedding planners exclusively manage these wedding chapels to ensure there are no slip ups on double bookings or overlapping time wise so you will need to ensure you book your chosen wedding chapel early to secure your perfect date.

A Tropical Park Or Rainforest

The council managed parks and gardens around Cairns are beautiful to say the least. With soil so nutrient rich the gardens overflow with greenery and exotic tropical flowers that emit alluring fragrances combined with the well kept lakes and streams that finish off the perfect wedding picture backdrop. The Botanical Gardens in Cairns city even offers a quaint restaurant for the wedding reception.

The rainforests and national parks that surround Cairns and Tropical North Queensland are also a big favorite for the exchanging of vows and there are certainly a plethora of rainforest destinations to chose from and some of those locations even have waterfalls, pristine rivers and streams and one enchanting location even has an old historical Spanish Castle that is blended in amongst the rainforest.

A Sandy Coral Cay

A sandy coral cay wedding is normally only seen in overseas brochures but here in Cairns and Port Douglas we can offer the same exotic wedding venue without having to purchase an overseas holiday and all of your guests can join in as well.

The bride and groom can fly down to the sandy coral cay and be met by all of their invited guests who have travelled to the sand cay either by boat, seaplane or helicopter.

Here you all are, standing out in the middle of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef surrounded by beauty like you may have never seen before in your lifetime for the most momentous day of your lives.

Say Your Wedding Vows On A Tropical Island

Cairns and North Queensland are blessed with a selection of tropical islands that are located just a short boat ride from the mainland that are just perfect for exchanging your wedding vows.

Some of these tropical islands are daily tourist destinations with hotels and resorts and some are natural pristine islands that seem to float miraculously above the azure waters surrounded by white sand and covered in tropical vegetation.

You could have your whole wedding event on a tropical island and guests could join you for a number of days and enjoy a luxurious holiday in the sunshine for themselves. This is especially a great idea if you have family or friends that may be travelling from far off destinations for your big wedding day and you never seem to have the time to visit them so this can give you all a good excuse to have some fun time together.

A Pontoon On The Outer Barrier Reef

Outer Barrier reef pontoons in the early morning offer a unique location with exclusive use for you, your family and friends to enjoy your wedding ceremony. Your guests can arrive by fast catamaran and the bride and groom can spectacularly arrive by seaplane or helicopter.

Catering is supplied for your wedding breakfast and if you choose everyone can get to enjoy all that an outer barrier reef pontoon offers such a ride in the semi-submersible submarine, a look around the reef thru the glass bottom boat, enjoy a bit of time in the water snorkeling or for the non swimmers they can also enjoy looking thru the glass windows in the underwater observatory.

Say Your Vows On the bottom Of the Ocean

Yes what you read is correct you can say your vows dressed in scuba diving gear with a few bridal adornments to make you look at least a bit formal on the bottom of the Cairns or Port Douglas Great Barrier Reef.

Your wedding celebrant will arrange underwater speaker phones so that you may communicate and your wedding guests can also bear witness. You can even have your very own underwater videographer recording this momentous occasion.

Say Your Wedding Vows Surrounded by Lush Gardens

The luxury hotels and resorts in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland have the most spectacular of gardens that radiate with colorful exotic tropical plants, flowers and trees all year round making it perfect for a wedding ceremony back drop. Ponds, rivers and streams wind their way around the lush green foliage and add that serene feeling to the occasion.

Another added bonus is that these hotels and resorts also have the most magnificent of wedding chapels in the gardens to add to the beauty and formality of the occasion. These wedding chapels are managed by one of Australia’s largest and most respected Wedding Planners South Pacific Bridal.

These are only a few of the wedding ceremony venues on offer in the beautiful destination of Cairns and Tropical north Queensland to help stimulate your imagination we would suggest for more ideas it would always be advisable to speak to your Cairns Wedding Planner.