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Engagement of Tina and Percy

engagements 02-01-2017

Register Your Wedding are pleased to announce the engagement of Tina & Percy on Saturday 24th December, 2016

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Contessotto (17-Jul-12 14:02)

Very helpful. I was impressed by the service provided in assisting me to find suitable accomodation at short notice.

Ian (17-Jul-12 14:01)

Offered a great service especially in matching on-line booking prices and by willing to drop credit card charges.

Gay (15-Jul-12 17:43)

Prompt and direct communication

Catherine (13-Jul-12 16:38)

The staff were helpful and I would definately use their services again.

Daniella (13-Jul-12 12:21)

Very helpful

Elizabeth (12-Jul-12 09:11)

Cairns Holiday Specialists were very helpful with booking my apartment. We booked late and couldnt get the accommodation we wanted. The agent rang around for quite a while, found another option and solved the problem.

David (11-Jul-12 19:00)

Cairns holiday specialists were useful. They gave advice and support as required, without being over obtrusive.

Joseph (11-Jul-12 17:25)

Thanks for the Information & choices of where to stay; it helped make our short holiday one to remember.

Robin (11-Jul-12 15:25)

Cairns holiday specialists were very helpful from the very start. Highly recommend.

Celeste (11-Jul-12 14:33)

very helpful made things easy.

Samuel (11-Jul-12 14:24)

Holiday specialist were so helpful and bravo to them.I would have been running around looking for places if only Holiday Specialist didnt do it better for me. We made reservations and on the same day we had the room available when we arrived. It was all there for us.

Louise (10-Jul-12 13:07)

Your specialist service was exellent, very helpful, fast and relaiable. We will ask for your services again in future. The City of Cairns itself has much to offer, a comentary sight seeing tour, explaining the history of its beatyful buildings and habour would be of great interrest to tourists of all ages

Cheryl (09-Jul-12 17:16)

Pretty good

Peter & Kerry (09-Jul-12 14:23)

They were excellent

Lucia (09-Jul-12 10:36)

Sorry, did not use this service. Booked on-line. However they did offer discount vouchers etc.

Alison (09-Jul-12 09:42)

Yes, quite helpful.

Christine (09-Jul-12 09:32)

Really helpful the apartment I originally requested was unavailable but they assisted in finding another apartment.

Irene (09-Jul-12 09:26)

extremely helpful...thank you for all that you did. You made everything so, so easy!

Paul And Jo (07-Jul-12 20:10)

Quite helpful by providing details of some discounted tours we could prebook. We didn't collect any of the discount vouchers that were on offer because it was too much trouble to have to call and locate where to go to collect them. It would have been useful to have them delivered to our hotel and waiting for us upon arrival.

Melissa (06-Jul-12 07:02)

Very helpful on accomodation options, location etc.

Showing reviews 1621 to 1640 of 2059. Page 82