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Engagement of Tina and Percy

engagements 02-01-2017

Register Your Wedding are pleased to announce the engagement of Tina & Percy on Saturday 24th December, 2016

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Georgia (08-Dec-10 17:17)

very helpful

Jo (08-Dec-10 12:30)

I only needed the room, did not use other services as we were there for our daughter's wedding & have been to the area many times before as we have family there.
But the personal were very helpful & friendly.

Peter (08-Dec-10 12:09)

Very helpful advice in planning our Cairns holiday. Very efficient and good follow up - e.g. with payment advice/confirmation of booking.

Michael & Jodie (08-Dec-10 10:39)

Cairns Holiday Specialists were very helpful except when it came to managing unforseen circumstances. Members of my family took sick prior to our holiday which meant they could not fly for several days. We tried unsuccessfully to cancel & rebook our holiday. If we didn't use it we were told we would lose it. My advice to anyone - ORGANISE TRAVEL INSURANCE.

Response from Register Your Wedding
Dear Michael and Jodie, Thank you for your comments Unfortunately we must adhere to the property cancellation policies we did try our best to change the bookings for you. We at Cairns Holiday Specialists do strongly recommend Travel Insurance when staying in privately managed houses and apartments as cancellation policy can be up to 14 - 30 days before arrival.

Sally (08-Dec-10 10:23)

Internet booking system worked well

Bronwyn (08-Dec-10 09:09)

I booked this entire holiday on the internet, and am so happy that I came across Cairns Holiday Specialists. Everything I asked for was done (including baby seats in the rental car)and changes to the itinerary were not a problem. I would rate them a ten out of ten.

Leonie (08-Dec-10 08:41)

Very helpful and prompt service.

Craig (08-Dec-10 08:19)

Very helpful.

Amanda (08-Dec-10 07:58)

Planning our holiday was very easy thanks to the Cairns Holiday Specialists. We were very happy with the price we paid. I'm sure we will use them again.

Victoria (08-Dec-10 07:07)


Greg (08-Dec-10 05:34)

Very Helpful

Petra (08-Dec-10 03:24)

Excellent. We had to communicate by eMail (from Germany to Australia and back), and we experienced everything to work out wonderfully.

Michael (08-Dec-10 00:04)

The staff we contacted were all very helpful and knowledgeable.
The information we received was very detailed yet easy to understand.
The staff at the Palm Cove office were helpful, polite and a big help in planning and booking trips.

Lilita (07-Dec-10 20:51)

Quite helpful,with changing my accomodation, although I felt a bit deceived. When I made the booking initially I wanted to stay somewhere else. Based on the website, the hotel I selected had rooms available. After buying the flights, and selecting the dates of the accomodation, The Holiday specialists rang me and told me there was no rooms available at that hotel, Alternate choices were given, but I would have flown on differnet dates to get the hotel I was after.
The website of the hotel that I wanted, should have been updated, so that it showed no rooms were available on the days, rather than accepting my dates.

Response from Register Your Wedding

Kerry (07-Dec-10 20:07)

Very helpful, kept in touch well.

Rosemary (07-Dec-10 14:43)

Yes, they were very helpful.

Lisa (07-Dec-10 12:04)

Very helpful, and I have since recommended you to other people.

Lisa (06-Dec-10 21:56)

The Cairns holiday specialists staff were very helpful in answering my questions about the resort and transfers needed to get to the island.It actually felt like you were talking to a friend who was giving you some great advice.

Diana (06-Dec-10 12:55)

Extremely helpful!!! Great service.

Willie (05-Dec-10 11:23)

Very helpful. I would have liked to meet "lovely" Belinda, in particular to discuss with her a tour to the Barrier Reef ... but it is hard to win against 3 others.
So we booked a cruise at the terminal (the quality of which was disappointing; my wife and I did another one some 5 years ago which was considerably
more pleasing).

Showing reviews 1981 to 2000 of 2036. Page 100