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Engagement of Tina and Percy

engagements 02-01-2017

Register Your Wedding are pleased to announce the engagement of Tina & Percy on Saturday 24th December, 2016

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Engagement Announcement

Leah and Jason

Announcement Date: 31.01.2015

Bride's Mother: Groom's Mother:
Bride's Father: Leah Groom's Father: Leah

Our Story

We met 8 years ago through a mutual friend. At the time, Jason was the lead guitarist in a local band and I was a dive instructor. For our first date, he invited me out on his boat to the Great Barrier Reef; fishing and snorkelling. I remember my first thought at the time "OMG, the guitarist has a boat!" like a teenage girl, I screamed with excitement! The rest is history... Now we have an amazing little boy named Lucas who is now almost 4 years old and the love of our life <3

The Proposal

I got home from work on the friday afternoon and was instructed by Jason to "pack an overnight bag" as he'd booked a surprise night away.. the next day he drove me to the beautiful Thala Beach lodge where we checked into our Coral Sea Bungalow. It was perfect, overlooking the rainforest and ocean. Jason said; "oh, and I've booked you a massage at 4pm" I thought, hmmm, what's got into him?! but as if I was going to complain! After my massage I came back to the bungalow. When I opened the door I followed a trail of rose petals to Jason who was sitting at a table on the balcony set with champagne, candles and a yummy cheese platter covered in rose petals. Oh and the camera was set up. I had to scrape my jaw off the ground.. I sat down and he said "there is something under your plate.." It was a letter, I opened it to find a card that said "I love you, will you marry me?" He then got down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring.. I burst into tears and screamed out "YES!"

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