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Engagement of Tina and Percy

engagements 02-01-2017

Register Your Wedding are pleased to announce the engagement of Tina & Percy on Saturday 24th December, 2016

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Engagement Announcement

Heidi and Benjamin

Announcement Date: 05.09.2014

Bride's Mother: Claire Groom's Mother: Kayleen
Bride's Father: Not important Groom's Father: Wayne

Our Story

Well.... Back when I was around 14 years young, as a family we used to go down to the para field gardens soccer club and watch and support the team as my step father Nigel used to play in the u35's .. Benjamin played at the same club, I had secretly had a crush on him and thought he was cute lol! We were at the club rooms one night and Ben's dad Wayne came over and was talking to Nigel and my mother something came up on that I thought Ben was cute! Wayne, Ben's dad called Ben over and told him in front of my family and him! (Awkward) I ran out in embarrassment! I didn't come back there for a few weeks as was ashamed and humiliated! When I finally did Ben was no longer to be seen I thought he was that embarrassed too and didn't to there any more! Haha.. Little did I know he was actually in the army for the next five or so years! SOOO many moons later (around ten years) Ben found him self working in a foundry in wing field as a leading hand and I was working on the lunch trucks during the day ! My boss asked me to do a few double shifts for a week....Mao I did little did I know one of the stops was at the foundry at wing field where Ben worked! He came to the lunch truck for a drink or suss! he remembered me straight away and asked how my brothers and sister was etc... Omg!,,! Any how the week went on and on my last night shift Ben asked me to meet him around the side so he can fix up his bill in the truck... He asked me for my number .. I said ok here it is he left me wondering for around two or three weeks he ever called..... Then one afternoon he rang! What??? From there we met up a few times and talked for hours until one day he kissed me.....I was living at grange at the took things really slow , even my best male mate Jez had to meet him and see if he was true (as Jez knows I'd been through a lot of crap through out the years and I trusted his judgement and valued his opinion), we went out for seafood in north adelaide ! Jezza approved thought Ben was a good bloke and they got along like a house on fire ....... Ben moved in to the unit at grange where I was renting, from there we went to cairns on our first holiday in 2005! We done the bungy jump together and from then we were told the percentage rate of people who jump off a cliff together are to last together forever! And they were right we saved for a deposit on our house and had two beautiful boys Heath and Owen ! ... And our love story continues!........

The Proposal

We were on our first family vacation (out the state) in sunny tropical cairns! We were on one of our adventures up to kurranda , we were on the way down on the sky rail with the diamond view (see through floor) where Benjamin got down on one knee and asked me to do him the honour of marrying him! .. He used Owens dummy chain as a ring as he didn't want to get the wrong size etc .. I said yes of coarse!!!.......

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