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Engagement of Tina and Percy

engagements 02-01-2017

Register Your Wedding are pleased to announce the engagement of Tina & Percy on Saturday 24th December, 2016

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Engagement Announcement

Kylie and Bobby

Announcement Date: 22.01.2014

Bride's Mother: Groom's Mother:
Bride's Father: Groom's Father:

Our Story

We met 10 years ago as of April this year. We saw each other first when he was 16 playing football and i was a cheerleader and he had a picture taken with our group and their footy boys and then we met again when he played football again in my town of Mackay when he was 20years old.

That night my mates dragged me out to a nightclub and we bumped into him and his mates and i was dancing and stomped on his foot hahaha and he offered to buy me a drink and my mates proceeded to say "she doesn't drink" cause then i didn't and so he said OK well i will go get you some water and he walked off...
I thought he was just being polite so i said to my friends come on lets go cause he wont be back - i mean he was tall dark and handsome, fit toned body and me well by then i was alot bigger than the model/cheerleader i used to be ( as i had had 2 kids since then) and so we left to go to another club and eventually we came back about 30 minutes later and what do you know.... we walked to the dance floor and there he was standing there where we had been looking around with a jug of water for me, just as he said he was going to get....
Then later in the night he walked me home to get my car so i could drive him back to where he was staying and when i was having a shower he was looking through my modelling portfolio and found a "ladies of league" booklet with my picture on it and then over the next page was you would never believe HIS NAME and then he looked at my cheer-leading pictures and said "it was you i remember you were the dancer always in the middle the tallest one and i thought you were so hot" and wala 3 boys later and FINALLY engaged to be married..

The Proposal

We were just sitting in bed and he blurted it out... Nothing spectactular but perfect enough for me :)

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