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Linda & Adam 15-06-2016

All staff that I spoke to were very helpful. Customer service was excellent. I only had to book my flights and Cairns Holidays Specialist did all the rest.

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Unusual Wedding – Chickens Wedding! – 25th October 2013

October 23, 2013 10:43 AM

Unusual Weddings

A wedding is always a beautiful occasion, an intimate special day full of emotion and tenderness as you say your vows to one another.

But weddings can also be fun, reflecting your style as a couple.

Mel and Gary, chose to be somewhat irreverent and outrageous, despite their obvious commitment and celebrated their union in full chicken suits.

See their wedding poem below, what an original statement!


Rooster and Hen

Today we are here and the weather is sultry.

We won’t wear formal, but prefer to wear poultry.

We share a bond of love and fun,

hence wearing a chicken suit in the hot tropical sun.

The heat has not affected our minds,

Today is not about the past,

today is the day that binds,

a union which will last.

We will stand here side by side,

In our suits of fluff and feathers.

We will offer you our pride,

and our commitment in all endeavours.

We will travel together as one ‘till the end,

a journey through life as each other’s friend.

We won’t let the hard times ruin the fun that we seek,

but will fondly recall the day we kissed with our beaks.

So grow old with me, my dearest friend

and share my life – one rooster, one hen!


So, remember, you can be very original and even outrageous if you’d like.

The advantage of having a Civil Celebrant is that you can have a wedding which reflects your personal style as a couple, typifying your uniqueness.

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Author: Anne Spragg – Civil Celebrant

You can contact Anne on 0448 126 120 to discuss your special day or visit her website at:


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