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Bohdan 29-12-2019

Not applicable as we did all the planning and booking. They did, however, ring a few days beforehand to confirm our booking. At this time we asked if, given the privately owned apartment we hired, provided access to the gym. They rang back to confirm that yes, the booking included access to the gym.

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Much Loved Celebrant, Wayne Rees, Didn’t Get The Job!

October 9, 2013 4:15 PM

Proud father and much loved celebrant Wayne Rees walked his beautiful daughter Alanna down the aisle and then sat back to watch another much loved celebrant, Joanne Male, unite his daughter in matrimony.

Wayne Rees

This gorgeous wedding took place in Palm Cove at the Angsana Chapel while the ceremony was at the Cairns Colonial Club in the city.

Wayne you are the sharpest dresser in the North! ‘Register Your Wedding’ love the fact you co-ordinated your tie & shirt with your daughter’s wedding dress pink trimmings.

Click here to watch the highlights of Alanna and Josh’s wedding.

Video by Mod Films and Mod Video

Spreading the Love xoxoxo

Author: Melanie – Register Your Wedding

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