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Christmas Engagements!

December 18, 2014 10:48 AM

Solitary Sandy Cay Proposal

No, we are not talking about your work diary engagements we are talking about getting married engagements.

Christmas is definitely the season for couples to fall in love and get engaged!

It must be because of the long holidays and the time couples get to spend together either by themselves or with friends and family relaxing and just enjoying themselves.

It’s the time of the year we are all connected with love.

In some parts of the world it’s the romance of the summer holiday whilst in other parts of the world it’s the time you spend indoors together snuggling around the big open fire.

Because the Christmas holidays are so well known as the engagement months the jewellery stores spend lots of money on the internet, magazines, and television on advertising campaigns showing off their beautiful diamond and precious stone rings alongside all of the other Christmas gift ideas.

Christmas really is the perfect time to get engaged as all the decorations are around and all the parties are happening so you can go and personally tell all of your friends the happy news in person.

Can you think of the best way to ask your partner to marry you over the festive season?

Here is a few crazy ideas from us… how about you dress up as Santa and arrive at your partners house with an early Christmas gift?

A pretty obvious one is wrap up a few big boxes and put the ring in a small box in the middle of them all? No… that would be so frustrating – cancel that idea.

How about you go snorkelling and you find a ring in a bottle on the ocean floor and funny enough it has a card with it with your name on it asking you to marry him/her?


What a about a private hot air balloon ride for just the two of you (and the pilot of course)

12 Resized

How about a helicopter ride to a solitary sand cay on the middle of the Great Barrier Reef where a picnic has been set up with a bottle of bubbles and flowers and a waiter?

GBR Heli

Wow, we could really have some fun helping you out with that perfect Christmas engagement idea so if you need some inspiration you can call the team at Register Your Wedding and they will be more than happy to come up with the perfect plan to suit you and your partner

Merry Christmas and congratulations from all the team at Register Your Wedding and remember ‘we are all connected with love’ – xoxoxo

Author: Christina James – Register Your Wedding

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