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Tracey 30-11-2010

Everything was planned well except for the selection of the hotel on offer ie : Hides.

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A Worlds First For Brides And Grooms

December 9, 2011 4:43 PM

When planning a destinational wedding it can be a time wasting nightmare trying to track down all the wedding suppliers like cake bakers, entertainment providers, wedding venues, accommodation for family and friends and everything else in a foreign destination you may have only briefly visited once before.

The team at Cairns Holiday Specialists recognised how hard and stressful it can be trying to arrange a destination wedding thousands of miles from home and so they set to work to build a wedding website that provides all of the Cairns and surrounding regions destinational information.

They called the website “Register Your Wedding”

In the destinational designed wedding website they included lists all of the recommended professional wedding suppliers, wedding venues, wedding planners, wedding accommodation, wedding tours and even incorporated a FREE wedding planning website to assist the brides and grooms to put the wedding all together.

Inside the bride and grooms pages you will see they have provided a social platform for all of their friends and family to communicate with each other about the upcoming wedding in the websites pages to provide a fun aspect to the planning of the wedding and to get the guests excited about attending.

Register Your Wedding web pages also have the added ability to upload photographs and videos of the happy couple in the bride and grooms private website that only their friends and family can view.

When you Register Your Wedding your days of sweating over the keyboard and researching for hours on end are over and you even have the assistance of the Register Your Wedding wedding co-ordinators who are locally based to assist you at all times during business hours.

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